PR Agency Novelus provides you with a full service of public relations, creative designs and innovative ideas. This will give your company a new start and a fresh look.

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Agency Novelus has been present on the market since year 2007. It represents one of the biggest agencies for marketing and PR. A team of 10 communication strategists is constantly developing new trends, different knowledge and innovative stories. Under our company we are currently managing over 40 different clients.


For you we are creating different, creative and dynamic stories. We create ideas that are breath taking and can leave a mark on many people. We create the world and life around us.


Napoleon once said: “Starting a fight without a good strategy, that makes no sense.” This is the sentence that is well written in our company. This is why we help our clients to make their story mean. To reach their audience with the right message on the right way.


We analyze, think, optimize, create, …; with one word, we communicate. We take all our projects with the same enthusiasm and creativity.


For all that have faith in us and believe in us.



Because we are constantly researching and learning new things in the marketing and PR area. This is how we can help you implement new trends and different ideas.


Because we know how the world of media operates and works.


Because we can help you select the media that is right for your company.


Because all of this years of experiences has taught us many things about which strategy and which tool is the right one that can help you reach your goal.


Cost benefit!


We help you reduce your costs by finding the best offers for your money.


We can help you to connect with other markets, in the marketing and PR area.


We are objective, because we look at your services and your work from our point of view.

    Matej Grabrovec

    Matej Grabrovec


    Katja Grabrovec

    Katja Grabrovec

    PR Manager

    Martina Breg

    Martina Breg

    Head of Design

    Peter Dobovičnik

    Peter Dobovičnik

    Project Manager

    Laura Rozman

    Laura Rozman

    Project Manager

    Maj Meden

    Maj Meden

    Creative Design

    Blaž Kukovič

    Blaž Kukovič

    Google Advertising

    Damjan Markovič

    Damjan Markovič

    Head of Web Development

    Matej Lajh

    Matej Lajh

    Web Developer

    Ivan Krošl

    Ivan Krošl

    Computer scientist

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  • Jure Šacer

    CEO of Termo Shop, d.o.o.

    »We are now currently working with Agency Novelus for 2 years, since 2012. We noticed that we need an agency because we need to develop a better presence on the market. We decided for Novelus because of their references, knowledge and trust they had given us at the beginning.«

  • Mag. Mojca Letnik

    CEO Saubermacher Slovenija

    »We started our cooperation with agency Novelus in year 2011 when we wanted to be present in the media on a more professional way. We can say that the work of our agency is very professional and good.«

  • Bogdan Dobnik

    President of Ozara Slovenia

    »The heart and soul of Agency Novelus is a team of young and creative people. They can manage even the most difficult tasks we as a client can give them.«

  • Anton Knez

    CEO of ŠO Maribor

    »Also with the help of Novelus we managed to bring sport to the people a little bit closer. It is very important that you are satisfied with the work of your agency. And that is something we can say for Novelus.«

  • Martin Šabec

    head of Hotel Aleksander

    »We started our cooperation with Novelus because of its young and creative people working there. To select the right words and communication in tourism that is very important and we can achieve that with their help.«

  • Simona Ržek

    Head of Wellness Centre at Grand Hotel Rogaška

    »We started our cooperation with Novelus because of its young and creative people working there. To select the right words and communication in tourism that is very important and we can achieve that with their help.«

  • Igor Jakovljević

    CEO for Slovenia and Croatia DPD Slovenija

    »In the more than 3 years cooperation with Novelus we managed to achieve more clients and better business results. And that was the goal we wanted to reach at the beginning of our cooperation.«

  • Tomaž Rifelj

    CEO of KWB Slovenija

    »We started our cooperation with Novelus because of their references that represent their young and good team. Our goal is to improve our communication to our clients on a more professional and attractive way.«



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